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Recently, we released our AI Anonymizer or Random face generator, an online platform that produces a fake look that helps secure your identity online. Twitter, regarded as a social media site hungry for memes and absurdity, happily took a new toy and began exploring it with strength and power.

How It Started

We created Anonymizer to demonstrate what AI can do to help people secure their biometrics in the ‘dangerous’ online environment. But it soon turned out that preservation of privacy is not a high priority for users on Twitter. Residents of Twitter are highly curious by nature. So they uploaded various images, asked why Anonymizer was bringing back strange results, wondered how it worked, experimented with it and made some pretty good jokes.


So, here is the tour of what we’ve discovered so far.

A Younger Version of Yourself and Family Motifs

One of the hot topics is being treated like a little kid. Again!

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There may be two plausible theories here:

  • AI sees a person’s inner child glow in the presence of an adult.
  • It may be the product of a selfie taken at a near distance or/and an odd angle of the head.

Honestly speaking, my brain’s right hemisphere prefers the first while the left hemisphere and the whole ML squad favor the second.

There’s another explanation for fun, too: often you get a bunch of results that Anonymizer users find to look like some kind of family.

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Fun Must Go On

Just look at Twitter users having their best time with not only their own personalities.

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Or some avatars generated by Anonymizer reminded users of someone famous.

anonymizer articleanonymizer article

Inner Beauty Revealer Mode

“Looks like me when I was 20,” “Got a bunch of my younger siblings,” “Ah, good old days”—people report that the outcomes they get always remind them of their younger siblings or any distant relatives they may have.

Most consumers regret that the results they receive are, in their own view, far more appealing than they really are.


Inner Beaty Revealer – that’s what we called the feature. We unironically claim that one of Anonymizer’s superpowers is the ability to see your hidden light. Think you can conceal your inner beauty from AI? Nah, ah, no way. It shines too bright.


anonymizer articleanonymizer article

New Jobs, New You

After evaluating your identity and comparing it to the photos accumulated in the databases, AI Anonymizer will give you a new identity. It might be an echo of your previous incarnations, or the instrument might expose one of your unfulfilled career directions.

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Also, some approached the tool with a sort of business-like mood.

anonymizer article

Artifacts and Creepy Vibes

Besides producing the synthetic looks, AI Anonymizer also creates a lot of strange things. Since the machine is always learning, there are a variety of items that it doesn’t read correctly.

For eg, they don’t understand how hats work. AI wants to see a lot of them to better produce hats. And there are so many different hats that it’s actually a lot easier to make faces than hats!

anonymizer articleanonymizer article

Sometimes it doesn’t understand glasses, too…

anonymizer articleanonymizer article

Sometimes AI gets too creative and thinks out things that mustn’t exist.

anonymizer article

Meme Stuff

Quite predictably, AI Anonymizer became a new source of memes. You can upload any meme character and give it a new spin.


anonymizer articleanonymizer article

Thank You, Twitter People!

Seriously, guys, thank you all who put all the cases on Twitter! And particularly those of you who shared photographs that were very similar to your actual photos and used them as avatars. It means we have a planet and realize that it functions in a manner that we intended it to be.

From this

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To this


Fresh Anonymizer fun problems are arriving fast, it seems like that’s unavoidable. Do this on your own and have fun!

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About the author: Jane Savitskaya, Icons8 social media manager

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